Run, baby, run!

There is a place. A place where thinking and feeling do not exist. A place where I want to find peace, but all I get are memories. A place where life says `hi` and passes by you. A place where you take a break from reality. A place where there is no `to be`.

In this place, time commands you to look back.

And you do. And I do. And all I can see is a little boy who smiles. Why? Because he just met the most interesting person in his life, in his whole world: the postman! Yeah, he was the one always walking with that leather bag, giving small treasures to people and, if, by chance, he would happen to lose some of those treasures in the windy morning, there would always be a little boy somewhere ready to help him.

But, what do you know, time passes and, one day, the little boy abandoned this job for a new one. Firefighter! Cool! But then another one. Policeman! And another, history teacher. And another one, and another one until the poor boy ended up walking up and down the hells of a library and sophisticated saloons, night-clubs and suspicious bars. He started dreaming. He finally understood king Solomon: `Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.`

And that is how, all that is left from the Curator of the Vatican Library and the personal consultant of the next four American presidents, from that little boy who had such a passion for history and academic distinctions, is a shadow. A shadow that sneaks around in the busy highschool hallways or hides waiting for the night to dissapear.

What happened? Life happened! A never-ending run, a crazy marathon for the unprepared boy.

Go! No `ready`, no `set`, college starts NOW!

It’s already been one week. Or 100 m. Because while others were getting ready for it, the boy was dreaming. Dreams? Dreams can get you hurt in sooo many ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

I wonder why. Maybe because they NEVER come true.

Oh, but, wait! Yes, they do! Or, at least, some of them. I’m at the college where I applied, in the city in which I wanted to live, surrounded by people with whom I want to share my life. I should be happy, right?

Am I?

Fortunately, happiness is relative, as our boy found out in these first 100 m of the race.

Sad? No.

Maybe it’s home-sickness… But ever since I walked the streets of this city I have truly, for the first time, felt like home!

And now? Now what? A new week, another 100 m to go, a lot of beautiful things to pick up along the way, a handful of bad ones to throw in the face of those who don’t support you.

So, let’s leave the boy to focus on his race, let’s get back to that place.

That place where thinking and feeling do not exist. That place where you look for peace and this time you find it. Let’s take one more look at that boy, let’s enjoy his shadow in the dark colors of the sunset and let’s whisper in the sacred peace we just found:

`Run, baby…run…`

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